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As a loyal and dedicated reader of this blog, you probably remember that we went to New York this past February for a conference and to sneak around Lincoln Center during Fashion Week.  Our trip gave us a lot of time to discuss Les Deux, and we ended up agreeing upon changing the site's name to Galactic Noise.

So why the change?

Well, to begin with, we have to admit that Les Deux isn't all that creative of a name.  At the blog's inception, the moniker was quickly chosen simply as a reflection of the fact that there were two writers (also, Katie is basically fluent in French, but that's a different point).  Also, if you do a quick Google search for "les deux" about 175,000 results show up for various cafes, nightclubs, real estate businesses, etc., etc.  The name is also associated with some other fashion endeavors as well as blogs, and while none of them have a huge amount of notoriety, we have to admit that others may have had the name first.

And, why Galactic Noise?

After racking our brains for weeks trying to come up with a unique and fitting title with every possible combination of words, fashionable and otherwise (Think grunge, bohemian, sequins, and southern fit together?  Yeah not so much...), we decided to think outside of the fashion box.  It was then that we came up with the new name, and hang in there with me, because there is a valid connection.  As we understand it, galactic noise is something that comes from outer space, but we can still hear it here on Earth.  And in a way, that is what we are.  We're very far from the fashion capitals of the world, but we still have opinions on the industry, and we are making them heard.  You may argue that a Google search on "galactic noise" yields about twenty times as many results as the aforementioned one for "les deux," but these are all science-y, and as far as we are aware, there are no blogs with the title of "Galactic Noise."  So it's ours now.

Will the only change be the name?

For now, yes.  While we're constantly making efforts to improve our site's layout and cohesiveness, to be perfectly honest, we've got busy lives outside of blogging.  We have classes to attend, crappy jobs to be present at, and parties to go to, people.  So for the moment, don't worry, because there likely won't be anymore changes.

Getting to the point...

The site formally known as Les Deux at is henceforth Galactic Noise located at  If you like Les Deux, we encourage you to come to our new site and follow us on Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect, and if you really like us, tell your friends!


Above is Target's $34.99 Mossimo bag; Below is Proenza Schouler's $1,995 PS1

If you've been to Target lately, you may have noticed a nice buttery looking faux-leather satchel placed near the accessories and clothing. Looked familiar, didn't it? Maybe you'd seen it before, right? Well yeah, you probably have. The bag is a strikingly similar replica of Proenza Schouler's PS1 satchel, the schoolboy bag that's had everyone talking. While the brand has worked with Target on a GO International collection before, this was definitely not a collaboration piece, and Jack and Lazaro are not happy about Target's producing it.

After reading The Cut's article about the  knock-off bag, I starting thinking two things:
1. I want that Target bag.
2. Is it ethical of me, as a knowledgable consumer, to buy it?

As someone who doesn't have the lifestyle that allows me to buy a $2,000 purse (let alone one that's $100) every time a new trendy it bag comes out, I usually feel grateful when lower-priced brands like Target and Forever 21 release similar models. I buy them knowing well that they're poorly made and not as good as the real thing, but also knowing that they'll satisfy my urge for a product that will always be out of my reach. Plus, I don't expect to trick anyone in to thinking that my knock-off Target bag is really the super expensive designer original; anyone who knows the difference would recognize that it's not the same bag and anyone who would think the bag is designer-made probably has no clue who Proenza Schouler is anyway. Still, I feel a pang of guilt when considering the purchase of a knock-off item. On one hand, it's not like the products I buy have fake labels plastered all over them (think fake Louis Vuitton), but on the other, they do look similar enough to the original product that I can make the connection.

My conclusion is that I'll probably continue to buy designer look-a-like clothes until I can afford the real thing. Until brands like Proenza Schouler start losing money, and more importantly, customers to lower priced brands like Target, I can't feel all that bad for toting around a Mossimo1.

You can read The Cut's article detailing how hurt and betrayed the designers of Proenza Schouler feel here

Image from The Cut

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2011 RTW

So clearly neither Jax nor I really pushed through reviewing all four weeks of fall fashion this year (do we ever), because I'm just now discovering Dolce & Gabbana's celestial 80's (or 50's rockabilly, according to Vogue) collection, and I'm overwhelmingly obsessed. Dolce & Gabbana fused their original classic shapes and techniques with insanely fun textures, prints, and colors, leading to a collection that is completely out of this world.

Sparkles, stars, brogues, and tiger print? Say no more, I'm hooked.

While basically everything about the collection was fantastic, I have to admit I'm not a big fan of 80's dressing. And when I say not a big fan, I mean I'll oftentimes wish that the 80's as a decade never happened. In fact, this collection is the only good thing I've ever seen come out of the whole tacky era. The music note printed pieces and over the top shoulder-padded blazers were definitely at the lower end of the spectrum of goodness, and could have potentially turned me off of the collection all together if it weren't for the amazing success of the rest of the clothes. Clearly my pink sparkly mascara and Happy Birthday nail polish are not going to be enough come fall. Considering my constantly growing affection for the collection, I don't think they're going to be enough come spring anymore either.

Images from

Jerome Dreyfuss

Meet my new favorite purse designer, Jerome Dreyfuss.  And his site's tagline is almost as good as his accessories: Treat yourself to a new French lover!  I'm going to be obsessing over these until I can somehow afford to attain my own, which may not be until like, ten years from now.  Images and availability at Dreyfuss's e-shop.

The Olsens at Le Comte Ory

Why are the Olsens so infinitely cool?  Here they are at a gala hosted by the Metropolitan Opera and Yves Saint Laurent for the premiere of Rossini's Le Comte Ory.  Whomever is on the left's (and I want to say that it's Ashley, because she was always supposed to be the "girly-girl" to MK's tomboy in their straight-to-VHS movies) outfit is my favorite, but they're both 70s low key and perfect.

image via the cut

The Search for Perfect Skin: Murad, Part 1

I was not blessed with perfect skin. Far from it, my skin is consistently broken out on my nose, chin, forehead, hairline, and even - as embarrassing as it is - my back and chest. As someone who's consumed with thoughts of what I'm wearing, I don't want to have to worry about my complexion on top of that. And, more than anything, I don't want to have to worry about having the skin of a 15 year old while I'm wearing a Celine Spring 2011 inspired outfit; the two worlds just don't mesh.

For years I've tried drugstore products that promise to leave me with clear skin in the blink of an eye, but nothing has worked. So I'm beginning the official Search for Perfect Skin. This search and report entails an overhaul of my sugar-filled diet and a revival of my long dead exercise routine, as well as investment in some high end skincare brands. The first brand I'm going with is Murad and their Acne Complex Introductory Kit:

That's about life size up there

The Murad Acne Complex Intro Kit promises a noticeably different feel in one day, a noticeably different look in three days, and completely clear skin in four weeks. They caution that skin will get worse before it gets better due to the medicine's ability to draw impurities from under the skin. Reviews online are very mixed, about half claiming that the product made their skin worse than ever and another half that it cleared their skin more than they could ever hope.

Currently I'm on day 5, and I've got some mixed reviews myself. The skin on my cheeks and chin, which is usually abnormally soft, feels rough and almost bumpy. Thankfully it doesn't look that way, but it doesn't look clear either. After the first day or so I did notice a difference in the clarity of my skin, but, as the kit promised, it has started to get worse. Small pimples (I hate that word) have begun to pop up here and there, but nothing too embarrassing. The moisturizer, which I have to use more of than the kit recommends, gives my skin a dewy glow, which I appreciate having not gone to the beach like the rest of my friends over spring break. The cleanser and gel do burn when I apply them, but I would expect as much from products containing salicylic acid. Seeing as my skin is getting worse before it gets better, I haven't found much solace in the spot treatment just yet, but we'll see as the weeks roll on.

I promise to be diligent in my skin trials and report weekly on how my skin is clearing up. This segment is really important to me, not only because I'm very personally invested in its results, but because fashion shies away from real acne. Sure, they'll tell you how to blast a break out here and there, but they never address those of us with bad skin year round and almost act as though it doesn't exist. My hope is that not only I can clear up my skin, but help find a product that works and spread the word to other fashion lovers who suffer from the same poor skin problems as me.

Image via Murad

T by Alexander Wang Fall 2011

Alexander Wang has really stepped up his T collection for fall.  I've always been a fan of the lower priced line, but something's been missing from the series of perfect tshirts and body con tank dresses until now.  The addition of sheer fabrics and panne micro velvet pieces are what really took these clothes to the next level; they look sleek and sophisticated compared to T's current offerings.  The collection still stays true to the aesthetic of the brand though, with jersey knits and a pair of sweats for good measure.  I also love that this line seems to compliment Alex Wang's amazing fall 2011 ready-to-wear collection.  The best part?  The most expensive item (the liquid maxi dress) is only $350.  I'll be counting down the days until these stunners go on sale.

Images via Studded Hearts

Capulet London


Constantly being introduced to things that I don't need on Bleach Black.  The latest are these laptop clutches from Capulet London.  I've never used a laptop case and have never felt the need for one... until now.  At first glance, I believed these to have been made by Celine and I almost dismissed them as something that I would never be able to afford.  At around $300 per clutch, they still aren't exactly a bargain, but when they're made from European leather and lined in suede, at least you're getting what you pay for.  Unlike a certain pair of shoes that I mentioned recently.

Images and availability at Capulet London

Missoni Loves Havaianas

In other collaboration news: Missoni has teamed up with Havaianas to create a capsule collection of flip flops (two styles of women's, one of unisex) along with one pair of espadrilles for the summer season.  It will launch in early May and prices will range from $60-130.  A little pricey for your standard, plastic thong sandal if you ask me; but you better believe that hoards of young women everywhere are going to jump at the chance to own something with the name Missoni printed on it.  Purchase will be available at Havaianas and Missoni boutiques, and online at  What say you?  Worth it for Margharita's stamp of approval on your shower shoes?

Source: WWD

Jesse Jo for Vans

The internet's been abuzz lately with news of Jesse Jo's collaboration with iconic skate brand Vans, so if you haven't seen one already, here's a sneak peak.  These are just my two favorite pieces.  You can view more at Nylon.

Ideally, the tennies would be in different colors, but the style is close enough to those infamous Prada creepers that who can really complain?  Plus, you can probably just switch out the laces and dye the canvas anyway, if your heart so desires.  As for the backpack (and I was just telling you about my newfound love for the carriers), there's nothing better than leopard print and Americana.  Putting them together?  Perfection.  The line launches April 1st and will be available for purchase in Pacsun stores and at Karmaloop online.

Yo Yo Johansson

I am the universal doppelganger; I've been told more times than I can count that I look like this person or that person. One of the most common celebrity comparisons I get is Scarlett Johansson, which is a real stretch, but a real compliment nonetheless. Especially flattering when you see editorials of her where she looks like this:

What a babe. If I suddenly decide to hack off a foot of hair, you can blame Arizona Muse and these Vogue China shots.

Images from Vogue China April 2011 via

A Very Happy Unbirthday to Me

Hey there, it's me: Katie! Remember me? I used to co-run this blog? Lightyears ago, I know, but I'm finally back from midterms, back from spring break, back from the dead. And hopefully there will be no more unannounced extended leave-of-absences from me anytime soon.

Now it's time to get down to business.

I'm a very frequent user of nail polish; sometimes I wonder whether or not my polish purchases single-handedly kept the nail polish industry afloat during the economic crisis here in the states. Nail polish is my favorite accessory, so I change up my color every two or three days. Naturally this leads me to get bored with all the reds and the pinks and the Chanel-it-colors out there and naturally this urge to find something interesting lead me to a small stroke upon first seeing Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday (pictured above). It's like you stuffed the following picture into a tiny glass bottle:

Renders you speechless, doesn't it?

So this afternoon when my friend Hannah pulled Happy Birthday out of her bag and placed it into my hands, I was overwhelmed with joy and also the urge to just kind of paint the stuff all over my hands (I didn't).

This stuff is seriously the greatest. It's a little messy in the picture, but it's hard not to smear when you're shaking with excitement.

Pros: The best glitter nail polish I've ever used. The colors are evenly distributed and the flakes of glitter vary in size, yielding a very cool 3D-like effect. For a glitter nail polish, this stuff dries relatively fast. A few hours after I applied my million coats it would smudge a little if I was doing any manual labor with my hands, but the glitter was easily pressed back into place. Also, I mean, just look at it and ask yourself, what's not to love?

Cons: Difficult to apply with accuracy because it's very thick from all the glitter. Also, it takes a LOT of coats to achieve the effect I got. When I say a lot I mean 6 or 7; my nails are about 1/4 an inch thicker now.

Worth it? DUH!

(Images from, tumblr, and me; Ring, Nashville Flea Market)


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