The Search for Perfect Skin: Murad, Part 1

I was not blessed with perfect skin. Far from it, my skin is consistently broken out on my nose, chin, forehead, hairline, and even - as embarrassing as it is - my back and chest. As someone who's consumed with thoughts of what I'm wearing, I don't want to have to worry about my complexion on top of that. And, more than anything, I don't want to have to worry about having the skin of a 15 year old while I'm wearing a Celine Spring 2011 inspired outfit; the two worlds just don't mesh.

For years I've tried drugstore products that promise to leave me with clear skin in the blink of an eye, but nothing has worked. So I'm beginning the official Search for Perfect Skin. This search and report entails an overhaul of my sugar-filled diet and a revival of my long dead exercise routine, as well as investment in some high end skincare brands. The first brand I'm going with is Murad and their Acne Complex Introductory Kit:

That's about life size up there

The Murad Acne Complex Intro Kit promises a noticeably different feel in one day, a noticeably different look in three days, and completely clear skin in four weeks. They caution that skin will get worse before it gets better due to the medicine's ability to draw impurities from under the skin. Reviews online are very mixed, about half claiming that the product made their skin worse than ever and another half that it cleared their skin more than they could ever hope.

Currently I'm on day 5, and I've got some mixed reviews myself. The skin on my cheeks and chin, which is usually abnormally soft, feels rough and almost bumpy. Thankfully it doesn't look that way, but it doesn't look clear either. After the first day or so I did notice a difference in the clarity of my skin, but, as the kit promised, it has started to get worse. Small pimples (I hate that word) have begun to pop up here and there, but nothing too embarrassing. The moisturizer, which I have to use more of than the kit recommends, gives my skin a dewy glow, which I appreciate having not gone to the beach like the rest of my friends over spring break. The cleanser and gel do burn when I apply them, but I would expect as much from products containing salicylic acid. Seeing as my skin is getting worse before it gets better, I haven't found much solace in the spot treatment just yet, but we'll see as the weeks roll on.

I promise to be diligent in my skin trials and report weekly on how my skin is clearing up. This segment is really important to me, not only because I'm very personally invested in its results, but because fashion shies away from real acne. Sure, they'll tell you how to blast a break out here and there, but they never address those of us with bad skin year round and almost act as though it doesn't exist. My hope is that not only I can clear up my skin, but help find a product that works and spread the word to other fashion lovers who suffer from the same poor skin problems as me.

Image via Murad

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