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As a loyal and dedicated reader of this blog, you probably remember that we went to New York this past February for a conference and to sneak around Lincoln Center during Fashion Week.  Our trip gave us a lot of time to discuss Les Deux, and we ended up agreeing upon changing the site's name to Galactic Noise.

So why the change?

Well, to begin with, we have to admit that Les Deux isn't all that creative of a name.  At the blog's inception, the moniker was quickly chosen simply as a reflection of the fact that there were two writers (also, Katie is basically fluent in French, but that's a different point).  Also, if you do a quick Google search for "les deux" about 175,000 results show up for various cafes, nightclubs, real estate businesses, etc., etc.  The name is also associated with some other fashion endeavors as well as blogs, and while none of them have a huge amount of notoriety, we have to admit that others may have had the name first.

And, why Galactic Noise?

After racking our brains for weeks trying to come up with a unique and fitting title with every possible combination of words, fashionable and otherwise (Think grunge, bohemian, sequins, and southern fit together?  Yeah not so much...), we decided to think outside of the fashion box.  It was then that we came up with the new name, and hang in there with me, because there is a valid connection.  As we understand it, galactic noise is something that comes from outer space, but we can still hear it here on Earth.  And in a way, that is what we are.  We're very far from the fashion capitals of the world, but we still have opinions on the industry, and we are making them heard.  You may argue that a Google search on "galactic noise" yields about twenty times as many results as the aforementioned one for "les deux," but these are all science-y, and as far as we are aware, there are no blogs with the title of "Galactic Noise."  So it's ours now.

Will the only change be the name?

For now, yes.  While we're constantly making efforts to improve our site's layout and cohesiveness, to be perfectly honest, we've got busy lives outside of blogging.  We have classes to attend, crappy jobs to be present at, and parties to go to, people.  So for the moment, don't worry, because there likely won't be anymore changes.

Getting to the point...

The site formally known as Les Deux at is henceforth Galactic Noise located at  If you like Les Deux, we encourage you to come to our new site and follow us on Bloglovin' or Google Friend Connect, and if you really like us, tell your friends!

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