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Every time fashion month rolls around, kicking off with our dear NYFW, we find ourselves anticipating three shows above all others: Alexander Wang, Marc Jacobs, and Proenza Schouler.  Though you may have different opinions on the matter, for us, these three brands are the absolute creme de la creme of New York fashion.  They represent three different maturations of design, and each has a completely unique and compelling perspective.  Marc is obviously the oldest and most established, and it's always interesting to see what theme he chooses to delve into for each season.  Jack and Lazaro of Proenza make up the up-and-coming classic brand, favorite of prominent editors and young bloggers alike.  And Alexander is the young breakout star, who still struggles to find his footing every now and then, but is becoming more confident and coherent with every progressing collection.

And so, without further ado, follow the jump for our thoughts on our three favorites' fall 2011 ready-to-wear shows.

Marc Jacobs

Here's the deal with Marc Jacobs: We've had the rest of this post ready for about a week now, but we haven't been able to come up with anything to say about this show.  We didn't love it, we didn't hate it.  Jacobs was said that he was looking to create something, "strict and severe," and he definitely achieved that.  One of the reasons I often don't know what to say about his collections is that every season they come from such a different place, that I often have to completely reorient myself before I can process the clothes.  On another note, polka dots seem to be having a moment, and they certainly made a statement in Marc's collection, but I myself am just not a polka dots person.  I don't think that it's an attractive pattern, and I hope that this trend dies fast.  That said, no one can argue that Marc is not a brilliant designer, and I have a feeling that this collection will have grown on me by the time autumn rolls around.  And, I kind of love the accessories already.  - Jax

Proenza Schouler

If the other Fall 2011 shows hadn't already done the job, Proenza Schouler firmly cemented the fact that fall will be all about Native American style. But don't go breaking out your old fringed moccasins and friendship bracelets just yet. Jack and Lazaro took this hippie-vibed native concept and translated it as super sleek and modern; so much so that I title the collection Navajo Astronaut Businesswoman. Buttery leathers, pixelated geometric prints, and impeccably tailored jackets thrusted this collection from the native plains of the American Midwest far into the future. The looks were comprised of distinct Native American influences (like a crochet skirt, skewed chevron print pants, or a shearling-clad coat) paired with silhouettes and pieces that evoked images of Balenciaga's immaculate, futuristic design aesthetic. The cocktail dresses were too good to wear out for cocktails. The shoes were insanely sexy. The button-up blouses were perfection sewn into shirts. All praise given, there were some elements that were less than pleasing, such as the 80's color palette that swept through a few of the looks, the Bill Cosby-esque sweaters, and one or two of the velvet pieces. Honestly, this was definitely not my favorite Proenza Schouler collection, but that's really not saying much for a brand that, in my mind, has never once had a bad collection. You can bet I'll be crossing my fingers for a well-priced collaboration based on this collection. - Katie

Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang created achingly, unbearably, obscenely cool skiwear that I would only be all too happy to wear in the mountains of Colorado when I go for spring break next week.  After a couple collections that left me feeling lukewarm toward the acclaimed designer, this show renewed my status as a full fledged Wangette (a term used for his fan-girls, for the uninformed).  The clothes successfully continued his tough-girl chic aesthetic, while simultaneously possessing a hint of tongue-in-cheek cleverness, as evidenced by mink wrapped sunglasses straps, and puffed up fur collars that are not only playful, but practical.  I can't imagine that it would be possible to get chilled when rocking one the neck pillow-esque versions that made appearances on the runway.  Other standout aspects of the collection were the final slashed satin looks, pops of neon lining that was only revealed through undone zippers, and what Katie accurately described as ombre hair, but with different types of fabrics (as seen in the top right look, above).  These are the clothes that will have me desperately watching the Outnet for marked down pieces for years to come.  - Jax

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