A Very Happy Unbirthday to Me

Hey there, it's me: Katie! Remember me? I used to co-run this blog? Lightyears ago, I know, but I'm finally back from midterms, back from spring break, back from the dead. And hopefully there will be no more unannounced extended leave-of-absences from me anytime soon.

Now it's time to get down to business.

I'm a very frequent user of nail polish; sometimes I wonder whether or not my polish purchases single-handedly kept the nail polish industry afloat during the economic crisis here in the states. Nail polish is my favorite accessory, so I change up my color every two or three days. Naturally this leads me to get bored with all the reds and the pinks and the Chanel-it-colors out there and naturally this urge to find something interesting lead me to a small stroke upon first seeing Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday (pictured above). It's like you stuffed the following picture into a tiny glass bottle:

Renders you speechless, doesn't it?

So this afternoon when my friend Hannah pulled Happy Birthday out of her bag and placed it into my hands, I was overwhelmed with joy and also the urge to just kind of paint the stuff all over my hands (I didn't).

This stuff is seriously the greatest. It's a little messy in the picture, but it's hard not to smear when you're shaking with excitement.

Pros: The best glitter nail polish I've ever used. The colors are evenly distributed and the flakes of glitter vary in size, yielding a very cool 3D-like effect. For a glitter nail polish, this stuff dries relatively fast. A few hours after I applied my million coats it would smudge a little if I was doing any manual labor with my hands, but the glitter was easily pressed back into place. Also, I mean, just look at it and ask yourself, what's not to love?

Cons: Difficult to apply with accuracy because it's very thick from all the glitter. Also, it takes a LOT of coats to achieve the effect I got. When I say a lot I mean 6 or 7; my nails are about 1/4 an inch thicker now.

Worth it? DUH!

(Images from style.com, tumblr, and me; Ring, Nashville Flea Market)

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