Jesse Jo for Vans


The internet's been abuzz lately with news of Jesse Jo's collaboration with iconic skate brand Vans, so if you haven't seen one already, here's a sneak peak.  These are just my two favorite pieces.  You can view more at Nylon.

Ideally, the tennies would be in different colors, but the style is close enough to those infamous Prada creepers that who can really complain?  Plus, you can probably just switch out the laces and dye the canvas anyway, if your heart so desires.  As for the backpack (and I was just telling you about my newfound love for the carriers), there's nothing better than leopard print and Americana.  Putting them together?  Perfection.  The line launches April 1st and will be available for purchase in Pacsun stores and at Karmaloop online.

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