Harley Viera Newton by The Coveteur


Again and again and again I will tell you, I can't not post something that puts cats and fashion together.  And I know that there has been a lot of drama surrounding The Coveteur's site, but to be honest, it's my favorite of the "covet" sites (don't tell Jennine Jacob, though... Katie and I heard her absolutely go off on someone when things at her conference didn't go her way, and it was terrifying).  At any rate, The Coveteur takes tours of the lust-worthy closets of editors and fashion people, then photographs them for all of us to salivate over.  One of their newest entries is DJ Harley Viera Newton, whom owns an inordinate amount of Tom Binns accessories, and awesomely models them on her cat.  These are just the pictures including Binns pieces, which is roughly one-fourth of them.

You can view the rest of of Viera Newton's closet here.

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