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if you asked everyone i know what they think i'll be when i grow up, at least half of them would probably respond with "cat lady."  i've grown up with cats in my home and i think they are the absolutely the sweetest creatures.  in fact, as i type this my kitten nala is curled up next to me, and my sister's cat hoppy is purring on top of my feet.  i know a lot of people hate cats, but whatever, they obviously have no souls.

anyways, the real point of this post is not my love for my feline friends, but fashion's!  cats are everywhere in fashion all of the sudden.  i think it all started (for me, anway) with miu miu's spring RTW 2010.

imaxtree via the cut

outlines of cats popped up on collars, ran across shoulders, and down the hemlines.  genius.

i then ran across vogue's august 2008 issue which ran a spread featuring karen elson channeling grace coddington.  apparently, ms. coddington notoriously loves her pet cats, so some felines appeared in it as well.  i think it turned out bizzarely perfect.

grace coddington's dear friend martha stewart is also a lover of the furry four legged creatures.  in fact, on her show discussing cats, martha had ms. coddington as a guest, and also showed her beloved persians.

she's even wearing a silver cat charm necklace!  i don't want to totally bombard everyone with more cat clothing, but in case you were wondering, cats were also featured in azzaro, vanessa steward, and corey lynn calter for the spring 2010 season.

rather than featuring felines on their clothes, united bamboo decided to show them in their clothes.  a limited edition calendar was shot with cats in fashion creations which mimicked their runway show.

the cut

and finally, as i'm sure you're all tired of my rambling about cats in fashion, i leave you with the catorialist, a play off one of our favorite blogs, the sartorialist.

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Aleisha Z said...

I love that photo from fashion toast!
And as for miu miu spring.. all i can say is WOW
i want every peice!



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