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So I hate to be gossip-y, but I saw this picture of Coco Rocha on Stockholm Streetstyle a day or two ago, and was a bit taken aback by how fragile she looks:

While her body isn't that different in size from any other toothpick-thin model, she looks far skinnier than any other shot I've ever seen of her.

In 2008, Coco opened up at the CFDA's "The Beauty of Health: How the Fashion Industry Can Make a Difference" shebang about how she'd dealt with eating disorders in the past and wasn't going to give into the pressure to be extremely thin anymore, even doling out this famous quote from an anonymous fashion industry jerk:

"The look this year is anorexic. We don't want you to be anorexic, we just want you to look it."

Coco Rocha during the Spring 2010 RTW season looking super healthy.

After she announced her newly healthy body image, the catwalk superstar clearly put on a little bit of weight. According to Coco, she went up the a size 4. Not a bad thing at all. I actually thought of it as encouraging to an industry that pushes its employees (models) and followers to strive for unreachable, unhealthy goals.

So now there's this picture where she's not looking to healthy (I believe whittled would be a good descriptor here). I don't want to jump the gun and start rumors when it might have been taken at a weird angle or the lighting could be off. But it seems to me that Coco is letting the issue of weight get at her once more.



(Images from Stockhom Streestyle, and style.com)

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Daphné Lefebvre said...

Oooh gosh.. her legs looks so thinner!
Where's her muscles? Yet it's so sad because she looked beautiful and powerful in a size 4.

Marcia B. said...

Tu as raison! She does look much thinner....very true. I'm shocked, never known her to be this tiny!

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