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I am not made of money. In fact, right now I'm made up of about $40 if we're talking self-worth. Combine this and my great love for over-the-top expensive fashion, and you do not reach a workable lifestyle. So while I don't necessarily support exact replica fashion (aka, ripping off a runway look), I do appreciate being able to find a cheaper version of a runway piece that I could never shell out hundreds of dollars for. What? You want an example? Okay!

From Prada's beachy Spring 2010 RTW collection, here are the $205 Postcards sunglasses:

Lucite at its best, no?

Prada Postcards, meet Forever 21's $5.80 F4573s:

Price difference? About $200. $200!!@$!@! Miucca girl, I love your Postcards, but the bill ain't worth it. Especially since these super cute F21 sunglasses cost less than the sushi I'm going to have for lunch today. And as opposed to saving my measly pizza shop paycheck for months and months and months to afford them, all I'd have to do is buy a less expensive lunch tomorrow. Perfect.


(Images from nitrolicious and Forever 21)

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