Dream Outfit: November 8, 2010



This is my ultimate outfit inspiration at the moment, aka, the outfit I will envision every morning as I get ready yet never actually attain the pieces needed to pull it together. A perfectly large, texturized sweater; military pants with just enough detail to be versatile, but to have enough wow-factor to cause traffic-stopping double takes; a matte, clean face; dark, fussy, I-just-woke-up-and-my-hair-looks-this-nice-every-day hair; black boots; and OF COURSE, autumn surrounding you.

Replace the shoes with my Doc Martens and add a cup of coffee and a pony hair, leopard print, cross body bag and you've got yourself a winner.


(Image from ...look closer)

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Aimee said...

Fab! I'm always so jealous of the people with hair like that.

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