Not for Buck Hunting


After being scarred by camo during high school, where I was surrounded by bunch of wannabe rednecks decked out in camo coveralls daily (or at least on spirit days, because nothing says school pride like dressing as a demeaning stereotype), I have finally become far enough removed from that situation to be able to appreciate the natural print.  Once I saw this thermal on Tommy Ton's blog, I knew it was the perfect way to buy into fall's camo print trend without splurging on any of the designer variations (not that I could, even if I wanted to).  I had to buy online because, as I learned this past spring, Gap doesn't carry men's size XS in their stores.  Hopefully it will be here by this Friday; it should be a great for layering if the weather ever drops below the unseasonably warm seventy degree temperatures that the southeast is experiencing.

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