Like the LBD, I believe that the little leather jacket is one of the most important things a woman can possess.  But, for some reason or another, I've never really had a chance to attain my own.  However, my mother has generously offered to buy me a reasonably priced (read: under $400) topper for my "big Christmas present."  Excited as I am, I'm also very particular and finding the right jacket has been much more difficult than expected.  Here, I've compiled some of my favorite designer versions, as well as their more realistic counterparts.

Celine, spring 2010; Rick Owens, fall 2010; Burberry, fall 2010; Balenciaga, spring 2011; Alexander Wang, fall 2009

Now, don't get judgmental, but of the following cheaper versions, the Abercrombie & Fitch is kind of my favorite.  Yes, I'd have to take my seam ripper to that little moose they put on everything, but I really like the silhouette and style of it best.  I just don't want anything too fussy or structured.  I'm still on the lookout for other leather outerwear, so tell me if there's a good brand that I'm forgetting!

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Aimee said...

LOVE the Topshop and Anthropologie jackets! They're all so versatile and I'm also picky so this must be so hard for you. But that's so exciting, it'll be a great thing to get for Christmas :)

Jan said...

That first jacket,
omg amazing!
Love all of them!

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