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so i'm spending some time at home this weekend, and whenever i'm home, my mother always suggests that we go out for breakfast. being an avid breakfast lover, i never decline the offer.

yesterday, she suggested that we go to this little french café in east nashville (which is a really awesome place that i haven't really ever taken the time to get to know) called marché. we've been there before, and i can't believe i'd forgotten how incredible it is. if it weren't for the fact that my camera is currently out of order, i would have taken copious pictures of the cute setup, the beyond-trendy crowd, and the incredible food.

the food is pretty authentically french; my mother and i each had a croque madame (which is a sandwich made with gruyere, ham, and an egg on top), my father had some sort of omelette with boulangere potatoes, and we all split a big bread basket which was accompanied with fresh butter, honey, raspberry-blackberry jam, nutella, and peanut butter. all in all, it was probably one of the top 3 brunches i've ever had (and trust me, i know brunch).

so for all our nashville-area readers, while this place may be a bit out of the way for some (it's probably 30 minutes from my middle-of-nowhere home), it's absolutely worth it. i recommend checking it out for locals and tourists.


if you want some more info, just click here: marché.

in other nashville news, i'm currently on the hunt for a summer job that's a bit more suited to my taste (my current job is at a very tourist-y gift shop). my number one choice would be anthropologie, and i'm planning on applying soon, so we'll see how that goes. any nashvillians have suggestions on a possibly hiring fashion store or bakery (which is something else i love)?


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chelsea rebecca said...

i love you review! you know you could so easily be a critic! and now of course i am starving over here in desperate need of this food.

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