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when i get something in my head, i obsess over it until whatever it is has found some sort of resolution.  my current obsession with clogs started off quite slow, in fact, upon viewing the spring/summer 2010 collections, i wasn't even sure how i felt about the popular-again footware.  but after some deliberation, i decided that i did, in fact, like the earthy heels.  not even that, i love them.  it's like suddenly thoughts of clogs are seeping into my mind and every time i look at something remotely related to fashion i am plagued by them.

let's be real, we all know what clogs i am lusting after...

                                                 NO                    style.com                     YES

not those stupid louis vuitton kitten heels, the chanel ones, duh.

my minimum wage part time job over the holidays isn't quite going to pay for them.  therefore, i have devised a list of somewhat viable substitutes.

from top left: clogs by born, clarks, clarks again, frye, lucky brand, lumiani, another pair by lumiani, steve madden, matisse, and ugg.  all available at zappos.

each of these have elements i like, but i still haven't found the perfect pair for me.  unfortunately, a lot of my go-tos for cheap but still fashionable options (urban, forever, etc.) either haven't picked up on the clogs rebirth, or haven't listed their spring footware yet.  so my search shall continue.

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le pearl said...

Tell me about it! Clogs are so hot right now.


Have you seen that photo above of MK? she looks awesome in clogs

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