katie likes...being a xenophile.

something about me that will probably become apparent sooner or later is that i'm absolutely obsessed with learning about other countries and their cultures. having lived in america my entire life with a very, very american family, i never really experienced any culture growing up. needless to say, all of that changed the second i started hearing about the mysterious languages and customs of the people of asia, south america, africa, europe...anywhere really. i was all about russia for quite a while, but lately my fixation has really been all over the place. i'll explain...

i'm in this eastern religions class this semester studying hinduism right now, and while it's interesting, i sit right next to this big window overlooking the mountains that rim the city where i go to school; that said, it's a little difficult not to stop paying attention and start looking out the window and letting my thoughts wonder. so hearing about india (where hinduism is most centrally located; see, i do pay some attention) got me thinking about all the beautiful colors there, and then that got me thinking about the colors of peru, and the colors of nepal, and the colors of tibet, and on, and on, and on.

i thought that since i might get a little too many stares for my liking if i walked around campus in both a hot pink, indian sari and a big, alpaca poncho, i'd just indulge in making a giant post about what's inspiring me right now.

i hope you enjoy.




allposters.com ; presscluboftibet.org




weltyphotography.com ; go2peru.com


shunya.net ; terragalleria.com

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