katie dislikes...not having a digital camera.

i suppose the correct title should be, "katie dislikes not having a digital camera anymore." my lovely little sister has quite the habit for breaking things that aren't hers, and my digital camera just so happened to be one of those things.

i regret the loss of my camera not only for the obvious reason that i am without a digital camera and am forced to use film (which i like, but is slow and expensive), but because it's difficult to display a sense of personal style and good taste of those around me like some of my favorite bloggers zanita, jane, and adeline do.

fortunately, some friends of mine have been kind enough to offer up their photography services (aka, letting me use their digital camera or helping me out by taking some pictures) occasionally. luckily enough, one of said friends and i happened to discover the perfect venue for these picture-taking extravaganzas. so keep your eyes open in the next couple of weeks, and hopefully i'll get some photos of my actual life (as opposed to the lavish life i'd like to have) up on the site.

until then,


nicholas evariste

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chelsea rebecca said...

AHHHH oh no!
this happened to me..{except that is was my fault.. hah} and i used a disposable camera and those pictures ended up being some of my FAVORITES!!!!

Post Grad Hair Cut said...

Grrr sisters! Luckily they're not toooo expensive these days just to get a point and shoot!

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