What Does A Black Swan Wear?

So I know I'm probably killing you with Black Swan posts, but I don't care. This is half my blog, I will write every single post about Black Swan if I want to.

Great, now that I'm over that power trip, here's a great video I just found about the costumes in the movie. As you may well know if you follow fashion news, there' a bit of a discrepancy over who exactly made the costumes. Was it Amy Wescott or the Rodarte girls? With both acting so insulted and offended by the others' claim as head costume designers, we may never know. However, both design teams are featured in this video, so we do hear a broad idea of what had to come together to get the costumes right. Now don't click away just yet (for those of you who already haven't), the video isn't all designing technical mumbo-jumbo; it's got a lot of great stuff about color symbolism and such. So if you're still at all interested in Black Swan, take a look (preferably in HD)

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