I used to be kind of afraid of Lindsey Wixson. That's right, I felt fear for little 16-year old Lindsey from Wichita, Kansas. It's just not very often you come across such immaculately doll-like features on a real live person. And that mouth? Let's not get started on how astronomically out of this world it is (two intergalactic references in one sentence; look at me go). To this day I think that Ms. Wixson looks a little creepy in her fame-making Miu Miu ads, but as her career has grown, so has her versatility. Wixson shines in the more naturally themed editorials she's done and even more so on the runway. Jax has posted about her in the past, but somehow I haven't ever gotten around to it. So I figured I'd jump in now, while Wixson is still in the semi-early stages of her modeling career, and do a fist pump or two in support of her awesome work.

Get it, girl

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Gabe Lechleiter said...

Katie, I originally was scared of her too (especially when I say her in Miu Miu ad's, but when I saw walk in Oscar de la Renta, I instantly changed my mind.

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