Two-Tone: Fail or Success?


As we all know, ombré hair is really popular right now. Personally, I'm a big fan and I wish that I could pull off this faded look, although it's probably just not in the cards for me. While celebrities and models pull off the look well, unless you have a really nice (really expensive) hair dresser, this look can turn out pretty awfully. Drew Barrymore is the most recent ombré convert, which seems particularly appropriate for someone who already has a pretty beachy style. When I saw the pictures though, I was just kind of confused and not sure how I felt about it.

It just looks...wrong. Too dark at the top, too light at the bottom, too orange at the fade, not enough time to fade; there's just a million little, tiny things I find wrong with this.

My question to you is whether or not you think it looks wrong as well. Maybe I'm just subconsciously over the whole trend. I want to know what you think...


(Image from Glamour via The Cut)

PS, Sorry for the lack of posts/future lack of posts from me. I just moved back into school yesterday and have a LOT of grocery shopping/decorating/studying coming up over the next few days. Best of luck to those of you who are also back at school!

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The October Issue said...

she looks like a hot mess

Alice said...

I love the ombre hair look too, but I think she's over-indulged in the texture on this one.... too many flips and kinks and braids for my taste.

A Stylish Affair said...

I love this hair trend as well, it looks amazing on Rumi. But yea, I'm totally with you on this one its just, wrong..

Anonymous said...

i love it. i think it looks great

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