Burberry Prorsum Fall 2011 RTW


Apparently I've been in a bad mood lately, because the past few reviews that I've done have been at least partially negative.  I promise that Burberry is my last, after this one if I don't like a collection I'll just try to keep my mouth shut.  At any rate, here I go again, because I really did not enjoy Burberry's fall 2011 showing.  Is Christopher Bailey under contract do produce a certain amount of coats per season?  Don't get me wrong, the man designs some good outwear, as evidenced by fall 2010, but this collection seemed to have an inordinate amount.  I also wasn't wild about the 1960s color palette nor was I about awkward sleeve lengths and strange capes.  As Tim Blanks from Style.com said, "[There was] one helluva lot of coat and not one helluva lot of range."

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