Our Ballet Obsession Continues


If you keep up with Katie and me here at Les Deux, then you know that one of our recent inspirations has been ballet, largely due to our love for the movie Black Swan.  We've both been trying to incorporate ballerina-esque style into our wardrobes for the past month or so, and these would be the ultimate in helping us to perfect the look.  I've had practice ballet shoes for a few years now (you know, the super soft, flexible ones with the elastic strap across the top), and had momentarily considered buying pointe shoes because I think that they're so wonderful.  Alas, these J. Crew flats would probably be better alternatives; they're more practical and less costume-y, I suppose.


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stacey loo said...

Love your blog Katie loo

Anonymous said...

if you dont know how to use point shoes properly you can literally stunt your foot growth and break all of your toes. that is a terrible idea. you have to have instructor approval to even take a point class. what are you thinking?

Les Deux said...
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