Plus-Size, Straight-Size, What About Healthy-Size?


Crystal Renn is everywhere these days.  On top of walking some spring 2011 shows, modeling for Zac Posen's look book, and booking a million editorials, among other things, she now stars in DSquared2's spring 2011 campaign alongside some straight-size models.  Renn has seemed to have lost some weight within the past few months and has been the source of some controversy, but honestly, I think that she looks better than ever.

If you want my personal opinion, the vast majority of girls in the modeling industry are not healthy.  There are the straight-size, who are generally much too frail.  Then there are the plus-size, who have to be at least size 12 to 14 to even qualify as such in the first place.  I know everyone wants to be all, "Curves are sexy," blah blah blah, and maybe this is an uneducated statement, but I don't think that being that large at age 20 is any healthier than being overly thin.

That's why I'm glad that Renn (who has had an incredible journey, starting straight-size, going through an eating disorder, going to plus-size...) is getting so much work now.  Even though she came to fame as a plus size model, she is actually too small to be considered one now.  Whereas Renn was around a size 12 before, she's about a size 8 now.  I think that, ultimately, this is the most healthy image to project to the public.  Not plus, not straight, just healthy in general.  It's unfortunate that aside from Renn, "healthy" is a class of people that seems to be ignored by the industry entirely.

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