Black Swan, Black Swan, Black Swan...


Alternate Post Title: How Sick Of Me Is It That I Want To Become A Ballerina After Seeing This Movie? (Thanks Mulleavy Sisters)

I finally had the pleasure of going to see Black Swan with Jax tonight, as it finally made its way to Nashville after about two weeks of me cursing my non-proximity to a major metropolitan area. After spending the entire car ride home trying to create a summary of just how phenomenal and powerful this movie is (the acting, the camera work, the editting, etc.), I've decided that my simple words can do it no justice. It was psychological and forceful that I don't even think any words exist for it. All I know is that it may well be the best movie I'll ever see.

On that note, I do believe I have adequate words to describe the fantastic job that the Rodarte girls did on the film's costumes. While the tutus and stage outfits were phenomenal, it was the practice gear that really excited Jax and I. I've always thought that ballet clothing was really neat - lots of great, innovative layering - but the Mulleavy sisters take what is naturally cool-looking and make it look perfect. Never in my life have I longed this greatly for ballet clothing. Some of the highlight aspects in my mind were the great leg warmers usually worn only on one leg (and one arm warmer that was a clear nod to Rodarte's signature open-weave knit), a few long sleeved shrugs that seemed impractical but added a lot of depth to the outfits, and, most notably, the woven straps at the back of every leotard or top.

The pieces were incredible, and I speak for Jax and myself when I say that it would be out of this world if the Mulleavy sisters considered releasing some of the pieces for sale. While I'm not a dancer, I would definitely invest in some Rodarte dance wear at the drop of a hat.

Kate Mulleavy's sketches of the White and Black Swans


(Images from Rag Pony and Who Is Scout?)

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Aimee said...

I really want to see this!

Anonymous said...

you can buy leotards that natalie and mila wore in the film

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