Ghostly Goes Commercial


Here we have the recently released campaign for Valentino's Spring 2011 RTW collection, which I loved and thought to be a little ghostly. Well, clearly the fine people at Valentino agreed. 
Freja above; Julia Saner below

The filmy monochrome shots feature Freja Beha Erichsen with new faces Julia Saner and Caroline Brasch-Nielsen wandering around an 18th century palace in exquisitely styled looks. Freja clearly stole the show, and more or less rendered the other two girls her supporting actresses. That said, if the campaign were a movie, Julia Saner would be up for Best Supporting Actress in my book. I'm really liking her work so far, and she's a perfect fit for this mysterious campaign. Brasch-Nielsen, on the other hand, fell kind of short. She just wasn't very memorable for me. Then again, I should take it easier on her; it can't be all that easy to stand out when you're up against one of the industry's all stars and one of their new favorite faces

I'm glad the advertising team went with this eerie campaign because now I feel way ahead of the fashion curb when I re-read my review of the runway show. Woo!

(Images from Fashion Gone Rogue)


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