Valentino: The Chic Little Ghost Next Door.


I loved Valentino. Did you?

It felt so, absolutely perfect for this Spring. It was light and airy, as were the many other collections we're finally done with, but with quite a sharp edge. Immediately upon viewing the show, I couldn't help but think of it as ghostly. The sheer dresses and tops were so light while they billowed through the air that it was almost as though they were simply auras of light as opposed to garments. But when I say ghostly, I don't mean Halloween-ish; plentiful with ruffles, lace, and embellished flowers, the show evoked a Parisian chic that I don't think I've ever seen portrayed so well in a  single show. The ghostlike element of the sheer fabrics was softened by the many girly touches, and became something more childlike than spirit-like. Even the colors evoked a childish, supernatural feel; taupe, barely-there-beige, greyish denim, sheer blacks, and punches of pink here and there. All this greatness in one collection, and that's not even mentioning the shoes, accessories, hair and makeup, which I will let you take in all on your own. All in all I give the collection an A+, on the basis that I'm now experiencing a strong need for every piece in the collection. Way to go, Valentino.


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