Punk Is The New Grunge Is The New Punk, Etc.


A few years ago during high school my wardrobe was very much inspired by the punk aesthetic, but in recent years has shifted into grunge and then to woodsy, lumberjack, everything-I-buy-is-from-the-Gap mode. Lately though, I've been really missing that punk vibe and wishing to revert back to my old ways. That said, it's not so easy transforming my cord skirts and puffy down vests into a too cool for school uniform at the drop of a hat, so I've mostly just been oooh-ing and ahhh-ing over pieces I dream about owning, like these BLESS oversized safety pins. 

I love oversized safety pins. There's something about them that's so overwhelmingly cool. And look how awesome the white one looks in this girl's hair. My hair is getting way too long, and I'm always looking for creative ways to wear it up, so this is definitely a selling point for me. 

You bet yourself that I would pull $20 out of my savings for one of these bad boys. Post-Christmas present to myself from myself? Probably.


(Images from Stand Up Comedy)

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Clémentine said...

oh my god, this is a lovely way to put the hair! Where can I bought them?

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