Happy Pre-Fall!


Like a minor holiday that gets you out of school and off of work for a long weekend, Pre-Fall is back! Such a great time of year. It's like one of those holidays that you don't have to work hard for. No keeping up with what collection walks on what day, no 50-slide shows to wade through for hours on end. It's fashion's Labor Day weekend (whereas Fall RTW is obviously Christmas).

While it's no Fall RTW and certainly not Couture week, Pre-Fall is a nice way to remind us fashion followers that there is a point to life between major fashion weeks.

I haven't gotten around to really reviewing any of the shows (although I've got a feeling that Rag & Bone is going to be a good one), but hopefully by this evening Jax and I will have a review or two for you.

That said, this fashion mini-holiday is hitting at a very stressful time for me: Final Exams. So if you don't hear much from me in the coming week or so, I'm apologizing in advance.

And to those of you fellow students who are also facing the painstakingly academic weeks ahead, I wish you luck. Be strong!


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