My "In a Realistically Ideal World" Christmas List


I am a master procrastinator. Even with exams completed (Dean's List, take THAT!), I manage to go shopping and make wish lists in lieu of packing up my stuff for my trip home tomorrow. I went shopping today in an attempt to spend my measly paycheck buying gifts for my family and friends, but ended up making a weird Christmast list and spending half of my money on myself (it's a problem). So here you have it, my ultimate only kind of realistic, made up entirely of hyperlinks Christmas List:

1. A sparkly wallet that PERFECTLY matches my favorite new nail polish.

2. A babydoll dress that makes me think of Carey Mulligan and Miu Miu.

3. A pair of tights just like the ones Zooey Deschanel wore when I saw She & Him play this fall.

5.  A great little fair isle sweater.

6. A pair of shoes that were for private school kids and over-the-top prepsters in high school, but now seem overwhelmingly appropriate for the low key fashionista.

7. Some ultra cool black Converses to replace the ratty pair of plain ole Chucks I've been wearing since the 8th grade.

8. A faux fur leopard print coat, because it's about time.

9. A cozy, muted sweater to add to my endlessly incomplete collection of Gap winter wear (the bergama neutral color).

10. A beautiful jewel-toned sports bra that I'll want to wear on top of my clothes.

11. Some insanely comfortable loungewear.

12. A black ballet sweater that looks more graceful than I could EVER be.

13. These awesome purple running shoes that would actually make me want to work out.

14. The perfect shade of red lipstick that makes me feel so much like a character from Mad Men that I am forced to sit around taking Photo Booth pictures of myself while wearing it.

15. The sweetest of heart-shaped sunglasses, because it's close enough to Valentine's Day, right?

16. An American flag bikini, a la Lady Gaga in the "Telephone" music video. I just kind of need one.

17. Some beautiful flowers for a passive gardener like myself.

18. The perfect matte black nail polish I've been lusting over for months.

19. A perfect little ladylike bag at a reasonable price (too bad it's sold out online).

20. Another nice bag, this one to make me feel more like an Alexander Wang socialite than a Ladies Who Lunch one.

21. A fun, sparkly mini that would probably never see the light of day more than twice, but would make me feel so cool knowing that it was in one of my drawers.

22. Some J. Crew knockoffs, because who doesn't want to dress like the models in their catalog for a fraction of the price?

23. A lovely take on string lights for a newly vacant living room that is in dire need of an upgrade.

24. Some seriously cool Jeffrey Campbell sandals to fill the hole left in my heart after these ones sold out everywhere.

25. A completely versatile little dress to be worn in all seasons with any style accessories. And then one for more special occasions.

26. Some Native American themed leggings that could really make me reconsider this whole leggings as pants trend (jk, but they're awesome).

27. A great witchy t-shirt to fit perfectly into my recently revived wearing-nothing-but-black wardrobe trend.

28. An only barely noticeable camo-printed sweater, because you can't get away with this down in the South without looking like you're about to go race your four wheeler through mud.

29. This super trendy cookbook, complete with enough pictures to make cooking seem less daunting.

30. The perfect shearling jacket; black, tough, and drapey. What more can you ask as far as shearling goes?

Seeing as this list has become ridiculously long in the day or two it's taken me make it, I'll stop at 30 items. Hopefully at least one or two of these items will show up at my house. If not, how can I complain, it's only 5 days until Christmas (eeek!) and I haven't asked for a single one yet.


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