Friendship Bracelets


Every time I think that I have something quirky and unique, and major retailer has to do a version of it, and usually totally spoils it by making theirs even better.  I worked as a swim coach this summer and many of the kids had envy worthy accessories.  A few of the younger girls sported awesome braids and hair wraps for the entirety of the season which I secretly longed for, but since I refused to sacrifice a portion of my already-thin hair, rocking  a friendship bracelet seemed like a better option.  And now J. Crew has partnered with Frieda and Nellie to make these awesome neon ones.  For $130 to $250.  Really?

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Max-Frederick said...

what??! $130??!
I can say i'm one of those kids who did (and still does) make those bracelets... why am I not selling them?!

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