McQueen Tribute & Fall 2008 RTW


Nick Knight's tribute to Alexander McQueen, which was shown at today's British Fashion Awards.  McQueen was honored at the ceremony posthumously with an Outstanding Achievement in Fashion Design award.  The above video features some of the designer's most iconic pieces, and is set to music by Bjork.  Knight was quoted as saying that, "[he] felt it was important to have the clothes featured one last time on flesh and blood," before they were to be taken to MoMA for an exhibition that will feature McQueen's work this coming spring.  Charlotte Cowles of the Cut accurately describes the video as simply, "haunting."

Watching this tribute piece made me reflect upon my own favorite Alexander McQueen moments.  While I have more than just a few, if I had to pinpoint my one favorite, it would have to be the first time I saw the looks from his fall 2008 collection.  As a naive fifteen year old, who thought she knew much more than she actually did about fashion, the images of this runway show affected me so profoundly that I never looked the same way at clothing again.  I distinctly remember being curled up on an old burgundy love seat next to my mother, reading what was probably my first collections issue of a magazine (W Collections, if I remember correctly), when the tiny pictures caught my eye.  I had never seen looks so avant-garde, yet so wearable, made of materials that I didn't know could exist in fashion.  Of course, the royally romantic dresses from this collection were what stood out to me the most at the time.

I was so excited about these clothes that I immediately had to discuss them with my mother, whom I'm pretty sure said that they were something along the lines of, "very lovely, but a little much for [her] taste."  More notably, I also told my mother that the yellow feather bouffant dress with tulle underlay worn by Lily Donaldson (top, left) would be my wedding dress, displaying what little I knew about fashion.  I'm sure that dress (quite possibly the only one ever made) is carefully stowed away in a temperature and humidity controlled storage room as I type this.  Anyway, I have much more realistic dreams for my never-happening-wedding dress now:

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