Pretty Woman?


 In fashion, there's a fence somewhere between classy and trashy that can sometimes be hard to find. When does a low-cut Dior gown go from being a work of art to being far too sexy? At what point does the underwear as outerwear trend become sleazy as opposed to edgy? There are often beautiful, tasteful trends on runways that, when thrust onto the sidewalks of the real world, are seen as skanky. In a way, it's kind of high fashion's job to try to transform trash into something beautiful. High fashion is more of an art than simply the selling of clothes. And so the clothes on runways, as fantastic as they may be, are often unrealistic for the real world. It's not very often that something is unrealistic in the high fashion world though.

Like, potentially, these $2,000 Brian Atwoods.

Just my opinion, but these Atwoods are trashy, in the real world and in the world of fashion. I've never been to a strip club (thank God), but I imagine that if I did go to one, all the ladies there would be wearing these shoes as they pranced around in nearly nothing.

Despite my bad thoughts toward towering lucite, it seems that some deem the idea of hooker-esque shoes as trendy. Taylor Momsen (not that I think she's well-dressed in any way) wore some with dollar bill tips in the platform of the shoe and even Prada jumped on board with their lucite-jeweled Spring 2010 heels.

 Momsen on the left, Prada on the right

So what do we think? Lucite heels: a fashionable, artful way to delve into new trend territories or just plain slutty?


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