Fendi Beauty: From Runway to Real Life


I was going to do this whole great big post about how I loved Fendi's spring 2011 beauty looks, and how you can create this look on your own.  But, after a trillion frustrations with trying to acquire and load these pictures, I'm just going to keep it as simple as possible.

A good place to start when you're choosing a bold lip color is your hair color.  Warmer undertones (i.e., auburn), try a coral lip.  Cooler undertones, try a bubblegum pink.  If you have a really striking hair color like platinum or black, or are just feeling brave, try the violet hued shades a la Abbey Lee (top, left).

The key to making these statement lips look fresh and non-clown-like is a bare face.  That doesn't mean no makeup at all, but try to keep your skin tone even, adding only a hint of blush that doesn't clash with your lip color.  Girls now more than ever are loading on the eye makeup even for a simple trip to the grocery store, but trust me when I say to leave your eyes alone for this look.  You can add a layer of brown mascara, and maybe a swipe of neutral shadow, then you're good to go.

Finding the color that works best for you can be tricky, and I would suggest going a makeup counter to test products before you buy.  My color of choice is Niagara by NARS, a very pink-y coral.  Other colors I would suggest are: Clinique Peach Pop, M.A.C. Neon Orange or Full Fushia, or any array of shades from Makeup Forever.

P.s.  An extra word of advice: If you're a tanning bed addict, this look isn't for you!

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