I Hate Halloween, Except...


So Halloween is my least favorite holiday. Despite my overwhelming love of all things sugar-filled and dressing up in ridiculous garb, I've never enjoyed this creepy holiday.

That said, I do love witty costumes. And so seeing this shot of Brad Goreski from Lanvin's Halloween party really lessens my hatred for All Hallows Eve.

Tavi Gevinson. Genius. I wish I'd been that creative instead of quickly putting together a Zenon (Girl of the 21st Century) costume and then taking it off because of it's lack of wow-factor. Go Brad!

I hope everyone had a happier (and wittier) Halloween than I!

Another thing that really makes Halloween a little more tolerable. Oh, 30 Rock...

(Image from styleite)


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Daphné Lefebvre said...

Hahahaa! Awesome costume, I want his hair!

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