Urban Outfitters: Product Review


While there was a point back in high school that I probably would have stated Urban Outfitters as my favorite store, I, like Katie, have veered from making too many purchases there in recent years due to their price/quality imbalance.  I made the mistake of buying a very cozy looking comforter from UO for the start of my college education last fall, and it literally was falling apart within two months.  Because of this, I had abstained from shopping there until my recent desperation for a good single panel curtain at a decent price became so intense that I had no other option.  I selected this purple Sophie Velvet Curtain, in hopes that the material would block out the suns blinding rays in the mornings, as well as a bit of the cold that is beginning to seep through my window.  Urban was also offering a free shipping deal for orders over $75, which I of course fell for, so I added this antique knob tie-back and Openhiemer Door Hooks (picture not available) to my cart as well.  I was happily surprised by the appearance of the velvet curtain and the tie-back when I received them today.  No, they're not Bella Notte quality, but it was more than I was hoping for at $42 and $14, respectively.  The door hooks are another story; they sit kind of lopsided and almost make it almost impossible to shut my door completely.  I am, however, grateful for their functionality, because to be honest, I am completely out of closet space.  In conclusion, thanks for stepping up your game a little bit in the homeware department, Urban Outfitters.  Maybe I will consider buying some additional hipster-esque things that I don't necessarily need if I ever stop feeling so poor.

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