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There are few designers that I consider to be as cool as Rick Owens; the New York born, Parisian showing artist whose use of plain leather can be described as nothing short of awe-inspiring.  His more recent collections have slowly been making movements toward a more structured silhouette, a departure from Owens's once constant signature draping, but the transition could not be more beautiful.  

Now, all of that being said, the thing that I could not stop thinking about during his Spring 2011 RTW show was the hair.  After seeing hundreds of collections featuring the usual mane styling tricks with blowouts, curls, braids, and updos galore, the idea of a real statement making headpiece is quite appealing. Geometric bone rose combs were neatly tucked into simple chignons, dramatically sticking straight up or down.  Style.com describes them as, "aliens tiaras--or antennae," but I like to think of them as the former.  Something about these oversized adornments comes off as eerily cool; they're like a cross between creepy and delicate beauty.

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