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A favorite of Florence from Florence and the Machine, Willow apparently scaled back some of their designs this season, although they still looked pretty intense to me.  The graphic prints in the second and third from the left originated from a picture of a zebra's mane, and the rest of the collection seemed equally tribally influenced.  The effect of movement through different textures was absolutely amazing, and I have to say that this was a nice little departure from all the minimalism that I've been seeing (not that I don't like the trend).  A++, Willow.


Does something about these clothes seem really off to you?  I was none too impressed with Sachin + Babi's spring presentation, but I can't pin down a specific reason why.  Something about the silhouettes was definitely strange.  At first I thought that maybe the pieces were ill fitting, but poor tailoring couldn't possibly occur in a fashion house featured on Style.com, could it?  I think it's just that the shapes of the looks were not at all flattering.  From the silk patterned biker shorts to the tank top (or is it a halter?) with the swooping material at the sides; if these clothes don't look entirely fantastic on a model, why would I think that they'll look good on a real person?  Granted, I picked out my least favorite looks from the collection, but I don't think I'm being unfair.  Go ahead and view for yourselves, and let me know if I'm off-base here.

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