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If it's possible, Nicholas K has made military even cooler than it already was.  The collection showcased the perfect cargos and combat boots, intermixed with a variety of lust-worthy outerwear and drapey dresses.  I love when designers succeed at combining masculine and feminine elements, and this is a great example.  There were a few elements I didn't love as much (newsboy hats, why?), but overall, this is a brand that explored a trend that has seen fashion excess (spring Balmain) and took it on a more minimalist route.  My favorite look by far is the far right.  I've absolutely been dying for something that's camo but not tacky, a la the Wayne silk camo tee.  Hopefully this awesome camo print dress is a sign of more awesome (and hopefully cheaper) camo print things to come.  If not, I'll just have to make this shirt myself for my final project in my into to sewing course.

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