Water & Oil: Katie's Perspective.


In the post before this, Jax explained that in the August issue of Vogue Italia, there's a rather lengthy spread which depicts the state of the US Gulf's coastal life through fashion. While Jax didn't particularly have any strong feelings on the controversial editorial, I had some interesting thoughts that I figured I would share while we were on the subject.

As an American, I think that I can sadly speak on behalf of the majority of my nation when I say that there's just not a lot of interest in worldly affairs over here. Major news stations in America are almost always focused on national concerns and many worldwide news outlets often spotlight American news stories as well. We are a superpower, and unfortunately with that title comes a sense of self-importance that is difficult to step away from at times. Political issues in South America, floods in Pakistan, wildfires in Russia; all these and more international stories get their few minutes in our spotlight, but then we're quick to move on to covering America's economy or what it was that Michelle Obama was wearing during her last outing as First Lady. We're so quick to dismiss foreign disasters and successes as unimportant and petty to our lives.

I think that Water & Oil is Vogue Italia's way of saying, "look, we can be disinterested as well". They saw the news about the oil spill, took note of it, and ceased to care. In fact, they ceased to care so much that they made it fashionable.

Just my take on it. Sorry, Vogue Italia, if I'm entirely off base.


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A Stylish Affair said...

I completely understand what you are saying and I get your point of view. We as a whole need to start paying attention to other worldly issues besides our own. Hopefully this isn't what they meant to imply though. Although I don't believe there were any underlying messages present within this editorial except to raise a sense of awareness.

My Republic of Fashion said...

Really interesting subject. I hope that Vogue Italia had this in mind when shooting the editorial, I really don't think they would though. I mean it is such a serious issue....

Anyways, thanks a million for your lovely comment on my blog.:)SarahD

Jade "Purple" Brown said...

those measuring cups are pretty cool!


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