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This past spring I signed my very first apartment lease, guaranteeing me my own bedroom and bathroom starting on August 15th.  Of course I've had my own room and shower in my parents' house, but these were major selling points for my decision to live off campus, and a big upgrade from dorm life last year (communal bathrooms, anyone?).  I've spent all summer amassing a collection of room decor and toiletry needs, but now I've gotten onto a new, and arguably even more fun shopping trend: kitchen supplies!  I stepped into Anthropologie the other day with the purpose of finding a couple cute new dresses for fall, but ended up getting completely distracted by the home sections.  It's not news to anyone that this store carries amazing housing needs, but I can appreciate them so much more now that I (kind of) have my own home.  Now, I won't lead you on, I have literally cooked one real meal in my entire life, but I plan on cooking a lot more now.  Below are some of the great finds that I'm really considering purchasing to kick start my culinary work... I already got both sets of coasters; one of the Celestial for my room and a set of five Wham Bam for the sitting room.  The D.I.Y. cookbook is almost definitely going to be a necessity as well.

1.  Extra Ingredients Measuring Spoons
2.  Celestial Coasters
3.  Wham Bam Coasters
4.  Stafford Wine Glasses
5.  The Savoy Cocktail Book
6.  Lotus Dinnerware
7.  Latte Bowls
8.  Verdant Acres Mug
9.  Dotty Match Pot Holders
10.  Pure and Good Hand Duo
11.  Farmer's Egg Crate
12.  Milkmaid Butter Dish
13.  Strawberry Spots Apron
14.  D.I.Y. Delicious:  Recipes and Ideas

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