Seeing as I have no real Summer wardrobe, it's a bit difficult for me to pick out clothes to wear in the summertime. Often times, my Summer outfits are really just my Autumn and Spring outfits without any sweaters or scarves. Living in the South complicates this outfit theme though, particularly come July and August, when going out of the house in anything but a bathing suit instantly causes one to sweat profusely. So when I'm not wearing far-too-warm clothes, I generally look like an idiot. Imagine a SoCal Clown, and that's pretty much what I look like 50% of Summer. Think maxi dress tied at mid-thigh level, ridiculous Teva sandals, constantly exposed bandeau bra, sunglasses dangling off some surface, and hair pulled out of  face in some absurd fashion and you've got a lovely vision of me.

That's why this L'Officiel spread from Fashion Gone Rogue really resonated with me today. During Summer, it's too hot to really concentrate on anything, let alone wardrobe. So it's best to just throw on things that will keep you mildly cool and hope that you look even slightly as badass as Valentina Zelyaeva does in these pictures.

I can't get enough of that horse dress, the designer of which escapes my memory.


(Images from L'Officiel via Fashion Gone Rogue)

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