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So it's the end of July now, and as a true fashion lover knows, it's the time of year when one begins looking for coats. Yes, coats. While some may find it difficult to envision wearing a fur-collared coat while the heat index is around 101 degrees and humidity is at 90%, I do not. I revel in the idea of fall and winter clothing. In fact, I don't even really own summer clothes. I have a few pairs of sandals and dresses that I suppose I can wear without tights, but that's where my warm weather wardrobe begins and ends. A week of springtime weather is good for me and then I'm ready to layer like nobody's business all over again.

That said, I've been looking all over for a nice, new coat for this winter. Yes, I already have fifty million coats as is, but one more is only going to be helpful in the "bitter" and "arctic" cold of the American Southeast (sarcasm). Out of all the coats and jackets within an affordable range that I've seen, those made by BB Dakota are by far some of my favorites. They're all so classic with a trendy twinge, which is kind of exactly where I want my style to be right now.

Here are my favorites so far:

Ava Faux Fur Trench Coat - $120

Miner Toggle Coat - $122

Fonda Striped Pea Coat - $75

All the coats featured above are begging me to pull out my wallet and make a premature winter coat purchase, so hopefully I can hold off until either a) mid-September or b) I find the perfect faux fur leopard coat which will render all of these coats useless to my wardrobe...but that's unlikely.

If you personally know me, hopefully you'll be seeing me around town in one of these beauties come November.


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