What the what?

I'm such a loser. So behind the curb. How did I miss the memo that one of Riccardo Tisci's models in his fall couture show is a) his personal assistant, and b) transgender!? Yeah, it's for real.

While, in this photo, Lea T.'s qualities seem to be a little more man-like, I never in a million years would have suspected anything of her(?) until I read this article from The Cut.

I did myself a little stalking at The Fashion Spot, figuring that she'd either be a bad model or radiate masculinity. But despite my glaring discriminations, Lea does an intensely good job at modeling. I mean, just check out her fall campaign for Givenchy and see for yourself.

Poor Iris Strubegger (who I hate), Lea (on the left) totally outshines you.


Bottom image from The Fashion Spot

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