What a Man, What a Man, What a Mighty Fine Man.


So I just got back from seeing Inception, which is a fantastic movie and is a great source of entertainment as well as an instigation toward questioning one's sanity/reality. While the movie truly did make me ask myself several times whether or not was currently dreaming, more than that it made me ask myself where Joseph Gordon-Levitt had been all my life.

Don't get me wrong though. This is not about to become a girlish rave on my burning love for the man; this is a fashion blog after all.

After seeing him in 500 Days of Summer, I felt that he had a certain suave-ness to him. But after seeing him again in Inception, I've determined that this man is dapper as hell. I know nothing about men's fashion (nor do I ever want to know anything about it), but I do that this guy just seems to look good all of the time. I want to make him my personal friend, just so that I can be seen hanging out with someone who is apparently always looking great. To me, it seems as though he emanates debonair coolness from head to toe.

I mean, really!? Just look at him in that suit with that car in that field and tell me he's not a badass.

Keep up the good work, JGL.


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chelsea rebecca said...

don't you dare take my man.

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