Stately Snooki


Okay, I know that Jersey Shore is not exactly fashion related and therefore not really an appropriate topic for this blog.  But, come on, the premiere is tonight, and aren't y'all excited too?  Besides, I have an actual point in posting this picture:  doesn't Snooki look good?  I mean, not good, but good for her.  Obviously she's looking like her lovable, trashy self, but she looks way more put together than last season.  Plus, her makeup is actually looking pretty great, her hair may be over-the-top but it's on tread for fall, and her shirt has a heart around the words "DRUNK FOOD," so you've got to love that.  Maybe it's just the wine glass that makes he look classier (although she's not holding it by the stem), but I'm loving Snooki a la season 2.  Besides, Terry Richardson shot this, so it counts as fashion talk.  Officially.

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