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So I just finished watching The September Issue (which I realize is essentially a crime to the fashion-minded, seeing as it's been out for ages now), and, like many others, now view Grace Coddington, creative editor of Vogue, as a sort of role model and Anna Wintour, the editor-in-chief, as a sort of villain who I wish would be replaced by Grace Coddington.

Okay, alright - that is considerably harsh since I don't personally know either of them and have been very swayed by the fact that the documentary was clearly much more partial toward Miss Coddington. I'm sure that she has her bad moments and that Miss Wintour has some (brief) moments of warmth.

That said, I've always found Grace to be fascinating and have become exponentially more fascinated by her after watching this movie. Not only is she surprisingly down to earth for someone with such a high position in a business that is notoriously snooty, she is kind, dreamy, and romantic. Like many others in the fashion world, she claims to have kind of stumbled into the business unwittingly, and from there worked her way into one of the most respected positions in the business. Her modest success in a generally boastful industry and quiet persistence are insanely charming.

Now, I've never had a role model in my life. I've either been inspired by celebrities who aren't quite inspirational or in awe of women who accomplish such feats that I can in no way relate to; never have I found anyone who I've looked up to as I now look up to Grace Coddington. She herself is inspirational in a realistic way, and her great tenacity in the fashion world easily gives one the determination and perseverance to attempt to follow in her footsteps.

So, thanks, Grace Coddington, for being super inspiring. You're my role model.


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olivia rae said...

agreed!! beautifully said! xox

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