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jeffrey campbell via karmaloop

last fall after the spring 2010 balmain show i probably would have flipped for these, i had jungle/military on the brain constantly.  not as crazy about them now, but i can definitely see the clear reference...  anyways, can't even count how many times i've been compelled to post jeffrey campbell shoes here.  he just really is the absolute best, and at semi-affordable prices.

on another note, i'm trying to get back into posting more often.  i've been house-sitting for the past two weeks at a home without wireless (who knew such places still existed?), but i've finally wrapped up nine credit hours, and a job as a swim coach within the last two months.  i'm now down to only waiting tables, and when i return back to school i likely won't have a job at all.  so i'm not making any promises for now, but i will be attempting to pick it up.  if that's good for anything.

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