Long Lost Sisters

Photos by Nikola Tamindzic for Vogue.com

Did Rachel Bilson make a quick outfit change in the middle of the fete for Vanessa Bruno's store opening in L.A.?  Nope, the left picture is Rachel, while the right is her doppelganger, Atlanta de Cadenet.  I know that everyone in the world has compared Mark "The Cobrasnake" Hunter's girlfriend and the former O.C. star, but really, when better to compare than when they are at the same event with the same damn hairstyle?  Oddly enough, although it seems everyone at the party took photos together, these two girls stayed away from each other.  They're probably sick of the comparisons.  Anyways, I'm kind of in love with AdC, even though I'm more partial to Ms. Bilson's outfit.  You'll definitely be hearing more about her from me.

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