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I'm generally pretty hesitant to go for big makeup buys at Sephora or the Cosmetic Market. As far as I'm concerned, the only real make up I need to invest in is DiorShow mascara and Stila tinted illuminating moisturizer. Other than that, I've always been able to find suitable options in Walgreens or Target. Today is the day that all that changes.

The other day I invited Jax to go with me to Sephora where I somewhat abruptly decided to invest in Urban Decay's Naked eye palette. I generally stick to somewhat shimmery neutrals for my eyes anyway, and figured that $45 was not much to ask for 12 shades that would all see a lot of use on my part (forget about the eyeliner and primer that come with the palette and that's only $3.75 a shadow, which is basically Covergirl pricing here). I could have cared less about the eyelid primer, because I'm not that intense with my makeup. And as far as the liner, I felt secure in my 99 cent black pencil from Walgreens. That is, until just now.

I'm big on the winged cat-eye look. In fact, I wear it 90% of all days, whether it be in harsh black, shimmery copper, steel silver, or a muted purple. This morning, I decided I'd give the black Urban Decay 24/7 Glide On pencil a try, and it has changed my life. I'm not exaggerating. Never again will a Walgreens pencil be okay with me. This stick glides over your lids like butter. It is so vibrant and smooth. It's making me consider wearing a cat-eye 100% of days from here on out.

As for the entire purchase, the primer actually was a surprisingly good find; I find that I don't have to wipe clumped shadow from my eye creases 10 times a day and I actually have leftover shadow to wash off before bed now. The shadows themselves are wonderful. A little shimmery, so you have to be careful, because a little goes a long way. But for $45, I'm fine with just using a little; I want this kit to last me forever.

I highly recommend making this purchase if you're into neutrals.


(Image from Urban Decay)

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