Both Jax and I are former athletes (she, a swimmer and I, a participant in basketball, soccer, and track), and I think that I can speak for both of us when I say that the idea of sports is much better than the real thing. Particularly the influence of athletics on fashion. Over the decades, athleticism has played a major role in the changing trends of fashion, be it tennis polos and mini skirts during the 50's, leg-warmers and sweatbands in the 80's, or the hideous, hideous swooshy tracksuits of the 90's, fashion has always it's eye on sports. While in the past, the influence of athleticism has been more discernible, today it's become much edgier and even, if I may say so without being too cliché, a little bit ironic. Alexander Wang so wonderfully jumped onto the trend for Spring 2010, and other designers have happily followed suit.

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With World Cup fever in full swing and the memory of my favorite Alexander Wang show on my mind, seeing this Exit magazine spread on Fashion Gone Rogue made me go sports crazy.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not going to throw on my old cleats, some sexy little track shorts, and a mesh basketball jersey because of this spread. But it's definitely made me consider changing the current trends I've been channeling.

That's all.


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